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Motic New SMZ140 with LED Illumination

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Technically, these two models are the same as the existing SMZ-140/143-N2GG stereo microscopes, with the only difference that they have LED illumination instead of halogen.



Let us remind you of the most important benefits of using LED illumination (Light Emitting Diodes): 

The Colour Temperature Remains Constant

The colour temperature does not change. You will have bright white light under all circumstances. 

White Illumination

Not only the colour temperature remains constant, but the colour temperature of about 5500 Kelvin, eliminates the use of corrective blue filters. 

Low Energy Consumption

LED´s allow energy-saving work with high quality results. Reduce your carbon footprint by using LED solutions and at the same time save on your energy bill. 

Long Life Time

LED products have a much longer life span than any other type of illumination. The Motic LED systems are rated for 10.000 working hours, which reduces the maintenance work and operating costs. 

Cold Light

LED´s virtually produce no heat. This means that the base of the microscope remains cool and samples will not be affected by the heat radiation after a longer period of time.

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